Msza święta trydencka


  • Janusz Mieczkowski Kraków


Słowa kluczowe:

Liturgia trydencka, Mszał św. Piusa V, rubryki mszalne, przepisy liturgiczne


After the Council of Trent the Holy Mass in the Catholic Church  was celebrated in the uniform way. These are the most important features of this liturgy: emphasis on following all liturgical rules (instruction of the Missal) related to the place of holding the mass, garment, time, prayers, gestures, and the form of celebrating the holy Mass. The use of Latin was seen as the guarantee of the unity of Church and the purity of faith; one eucharistic prayer – the canon; saying some prayers quietly; directing the prayer to the east;  singing the Gregorian chant; the perception of Eucharist  as the Sacrifice of Christ; excluding the believers from the active participation in the Mass.



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Mieczkowski, J. (2008). Msza święta trydencka. Ruch Biblijny I Liturgiczny, 61(3), 165–178.



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