Głoszenie ewangelii nadziei w świetle adhortacji „Ecclesia in Europa”


  • Henryk Sławiński Kraków




The article deals with the preaching of hope, taking into consideration the apostolic exhortation of John Paul II, Ecclesia in Europa. The main reasons of the spiritual crisis in Europe and the loss of hope among it’s inhabitants might be seen in: living as if God does not exist, hedonism and consumerism. In consequence a man more fears the future then desires it. In this situation the Church is being urged to fulfil her joyful duty of preaching the gospel of hope, i.e. Jesus Christ the Lord. He is the hope for the whole world. He allows the discovery of the truth and gives the ultimate reason for life worth living. The church gives witness of its hope in Jesus Christ. The preaching of the Church is to be understood not only as the deliverance of some religious information, but as the power of God, because Christ is present in his word and in the Church’s preaching. From a pastoral perspective, preaching is to be considered the primary action of the church, whereas from the perspective of intentionality, the primary element of the church’s activity must be the celebration of the sacraments. The weakness of our preaching lays not in the lack of the orthodoxy, but in too weak an emphasis of the positive aspects of the proclamation of the gospel. The most extensive danger for preaching is the concentration on evil in the world and the fruitless abomination. Only the preaching born with hope may set the preacher and his listeners on fire. Preaching of hope has in itself something from the Holy Spirit, it is dynamic and shows that Jesus is present in his Church and in the history of human beings, although it may seem otherwise, that He is not present or asleep, leaving the boat of the Church to the power of the wrath of the waves.



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Sławiński, H. (2004). Głoszenie ewangelii nadziei w świetle adhortacji „Ecclesia in Europa”. Ruch Biblijny I Liturgiczny, 57(4), 289–299. https://doi.org/10.21906/rbl.525



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