Modlitwa święceń biskupa (studium liturgiczno-teologiczne)


  • Jan Szczych Lwów


Słowa kluczowe:

Święcenia, prex ordinationis, posługa, posłannictwo, biskup


The bishop’s ordination prayer derives from Traditio Apostolica (3th century). This prayer had been re-instated to the latin liturgy of the Church after the Second Vatican Council. Its structure contains the anamnesis, the call, the part of the intercede and the enlogize. Detailed content’s analysis of the prex ordinationis episcopi allows deeply substantiate of the purpose and sense of the bishop’s mission in the Church. Only God calls up the chosen one to attend the bishop’s service. When the elect receives the gift of the Holy Spirit, the ordained bishop will comes about superior of the God’s people who are entrusting him and will actualize the topflight priesthood. The mainspring of the bishop’s ordination prayer had been inscribed to the trend of the Church’s Instruction, particularly expressed by the Vaticanum II. Contemporary successor of the Apostles guides the God’s sheep-fold and as the minister of the Christ’s mysteries fulfils the Christ’s work of redemption.



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Szczych, J. (2010). Modlitwa święceń biskupa (studium liturgiczno-teologiczne). Ruch Biblijny I Liturgiczny, 63(3), 197–212.