Rozpoznawanie znaków czasu w perspektywie wezwania Jezusa do ewangelizacji


  • Dariusz Adamczyk Kielce


Słowa kluczowe:

Znaki czasu, ewangelizacja


The call of Jesus to recognize the signs of time from Mt 16, 3 has a timeless character. The investigation and explanation of the Gospel light is the duty of the Church. This has a fundamental importance for the effectiveness of evangelization. The signs of time can be correlated directly with God’s initiative to save us. The sign of time can be considered the sign of God in which God’s freedom addresses our freedom, calling us to create history. God, thanks to the signs of time, not so much manifests his definite will, but rather directs us towards freedom. The signs of time show the direction of behaviour for the development of the world which is unanimous with the thought of God. They are God’s calls, which are directed towards men, therefore, recognizing the signs of time has mainly a practical dimen- sion, not a theoretical one. Recognizing signs nowadays allows us to discover new and current elements in the Gospel.



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Adamczyk, D. (2008). Rozpoznawanie znaków czasu w perspektywie wezwania Jezusa do ewangelizacji. Ruch Biblijny I Liturgiczny, 61(4), 279–296.



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