Abdi-Hepa i jego stolica. Jerozolima w okresie późnego brązu

  • Fabian Tryl Lublin


The history of Jerusalem is long and unclear. There are many doubts considering the city’s history before it was conquered by the Israelites. The only written source of information about it is the set of famed letters from Tell el-Amarna, six of which were written by Abdi-Hepa, the prince of Jerusalem. There is no detailed information about Abdi-Hepa available. However, his letters present him as an energetic politician. His actions made Jerusalem powerful in middle Canaan, and the neighboring countries accused him of hostility and attempts to take control over them. Unfortunately, archeological research does not confirm this theory. The findings show a relatively small town and no remains which could suggest the real size of the town were found. It gave rise to much controversy over the issue.