Upokorzony i uwielbiony Chrystus (Flp 2, 6-11)

Stanisław Witkowski


Ph 2, 6-11 in a poetic way describes the paradoxical way of Jesus Christ. Being equal with God, He entered human history with no privileges and identified Himself with every human being. Of His own free will, He experienced complete insignificance. He subordinated himself to man. He survived extreme humiliation. God confirmed His way by raising Him above all and bestowing upon him the dignity of Kyrios, to whom all creation pay homage. This hymn is perfect paranesis. It encourages Christians to follow the way marked by Christ and to resign voluntarily from the battle for personal reputation, laws and merits. It proposes persistence, self-sacrifice and renunciation. To ascend highly one must descend.

Słowa kluczowe

Jezus Chrystus; ogołocenie; poniżenie; ofiara z samego siebie; śmierć na krzyżu; wywyż- szenie; chwała; imię; Pan

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